Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I have some really sad things occuring in my life.

One thing is that my 97 year old great great aunt, Ida, has been diagnosed with at least 5 different types of cancer, and she is refusing treatments. You may be thinking, "Why is she sad about this?" Well, Aunt Ida is one of my most favorite people in this world. This last weekend, I went to visit her, and she was still making jokes about having all her boyfriends, asking me if I'm married(even though I'm only 15), wondering if I give my mom hell, etc. However, she was so weak and fragile, I was scared to hug her. Her bones seemed so fragil, like paper. You could see she was tired and in pain from the haze covering her usual brilliant glowing eyes. She was trying so hard not to show it, but you couldn't help get the feeling of the inevitable ending was coming, and soon. She was having a hard time remembering the family, but as soon as I walked into the room, the biggest grin spread across her face. When I walked over to her couch, were she was resting, she took me in her arms, and started telling everyone around about how proud she was of me and my barrel racing career. As soon as she let me go, I stepped outside, and broke down and let the tears fall. Knowing her, she would hate if I cried, but I can't help it. She means way too much to me and is way too close to my heart to allow myself not to cry. When she does finally leave this earth, I know she will watch over me, but I will deeply miss her.

Another thing going on, is the new EH1 virus. It is an airborne, neurological virus that is effecting equines(horses.) It was first diagnosed in California, and now has moved to Texas. All types of events are being canceled or postponed. Six horses have died already in the area where I mainly run, and three ranches are quarantined, alonf with many other towns preparing for the worst. They only thing to give horses, right now, to hopefully help boost thier immune system is a steroid. They don't have vaccines or cures, and they really don't know much about it at all. All they know is that as soon as one infected horse sneezes, all other horses in the proximity will catch it. It attacts the nervous system, practically paralyzing them and shutting down major organs. This may seem inferior to the natural disasters going on in the US, but this is effecting me and the ones I love the most.

Monday, May 23, 2011


So, as you have noticed, I haven't really been on in a while. Sawy:(
So how have y'all been?
Me, you ask? Well, I have been through some tough times, but its all going to be good in the end.